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Different philosophy and right approach is how we make difference. Because every detail counts. Sometimes some goals may be harder or more complicated to achieve, but at the end of the day, very few things are impossible.

It is not always important just to be different in order to distinguish oneself. Using the same old things in a different manner may result in a winning combination. Finding the right way is our passion. It may not always be the easiest way, nor the shortest one, but we just keep going. Systematically and consistently, nature and life itself always find their way, and we let life inspire us and we let passion to lead us, and we get the things done.


Gordan Radojčić

Senior Lead Developer
and Software Architect


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Web Templates LLC Sharjah, UAE
Capital Gaming Clan UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Berlin, Germany
Berlin Tiger – Basketball in Kreuzberg 2009 e.V. Berlin, Germany
Combuyit AB Arlöv, Sweden
MID Logistics, Inc Oak Brook, USA
Bright Sky Solutions Inc Chicago, USA
Elementary school „Dr Đorđe Joanović“ Novo Miloševo, Serbia
EuroCommits Basketball Belgrade, Serbia
ODIXIA, INC Washington, D.C., USA
Local Community "Novo Miloševo" Novo Miloševo, Serbia


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